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Polo is becoming increasingly popular around the world - especially with women players - and the finest polo in the world is played in Argentina. The problem for ladies is that, in Argentina, polo has always been a "man's sport." Today, this is changing, and Lia Salvo is one of Argentina's rising female players. Her family farm is located in a town called America in the area of La Pampa which is about 4 hours West of Pilar. Lia learned to play from her father, and today she is playing off a 2 goal handicap. POLO RED BOOK -- Polo for beginners.

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For ladies that play polo, if you come to Argentina, Lia can arrange for you to play in some tournaments. You can either come as an individual or come as a team. Lia will provide all the horses that you need for your tournaments. These horses are specially for lady players, so they have softer mouths and are easier to control that normal polo horses. You can play with Lia on your team (her fee is 3-4,000 US$ per tournament), or just let her arrange the tournament and the horses. You need to discuss the best time of the year for you to play. The polo season in Argentina is from October thru December, then from February thru April. Everyone is on vacation in January.


Lia Salvo has 80-100 polo horses on her farm. Buying polo horses for women can be difficult, because if the horse is too strong, then you can't hold the mallet, because you spend all your energy fighting the horse. Lia and her father concentrate on buying and making polo horses for lady players. Lia is quite petite and, as a woman, she knows what a female polo player feels and needs in a horse to be able to play her best. If you are looking for a polo horse, then it is best to come and try some horses and play some tournaments in Argentina. If you buy the horses, then there will be no charge for the tournaments. Lia and her father make their living from polo, and for them it is very important that, as a woman polo player, you find the horses that can make you play your best.


As polo continues to grow around the world, a growing number of lady patrons are appearing on the polo scene and thus a need for lady polo professionals. Lia is available to play on ladies teams in tournaments around the world. It is important to contact her as far in advance as possible, so that she can arrange her schedule and discuss a professional fee for playing on your team. This picture is Lia Salvo appearing in the Shanghai Tang Ladies International Tournament at Singapore Polo Club in October 2011. Lia is a very good team leader and teacher of polo. She speaks Spanish, English and French, and has a very charming and engaging personality.


Created in 2005 by Sunny Hale, the WCT (circuito internacional feminino) -- - aims to create a network for women's polo around the world. WCT rankings are from 0-10. If you play in a WCT tournament, then you can join the profile on the WCT webpage. It is a vehicle to get women polo players together. The WCT Women's Final is held at Palm Beach during the US Open. Lia Salvo will be working with Sunny to increase enthusiasm for Women's Polo in Argentina. The Spanish version of WCT is set to be Circuito Internacional Feminino, and we are excited to follow the empowerment of Argentine Women Polo Players to compete internationally.


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