Horse Factory

The Pampa fertile grasslands of Central Argentina are where most of the polo horses that play in Buenos Aires and around the world come from. Most people don't get out here when they come to Argentina, because of the language barrier, and they don't know where to go. The Horse Factory, as we call it, is the region 200 kilometers in every direction from the city of Cordoba. This is a region in the heart of Argentina, that is far safer than Buenos Aires, where you find friendly and honest people. The idea behind the Horse Factory is to put you directly in touch with the people who make the polo horse and to help you decide for yourself which horse will be best for you. A polo horse is like a wife (or husband). If you order one by mail, you might be happy for a few nights, but it is difficult to find the right one that you will be happy with for a long time. You have to go and look for yourself. The way we start this process is have you fill out this form, and then we will invite you to visit some farms in Central Argentina. You will be a guest and you can learn how the polo horse is made. You can try them, play polo, and find a horse that suits you. We have two seasons: Spring (Sep, Oct, Nov) and Fall (Feb, Mar, Apr). If you wish, we can also combine your trip with some polo lessons, some polo tournaments at various clubs and Estancias in the region, some riding in the mountains near Cordoba, and perhaps visits to the Open tournaments at Tortugas, Hurlingham and Palermo (Oct, Nov, Dec). Prices for what we call Patrons polo horses start at US$3,000 to US$8,000. The higher the handicap level to be played; the more expensive the horse. We also can arrange shipping by aircraft for your horse. It is most cost effective to ship 4 horses together, because the container size is for 4 horses. In any event, if you are interested in making friends in Central Argentina and learning more about finding good polo horses at a better price, we look forward to hearing from you -- 




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1. Your Age  
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4. Polo Handicap (if any)  
5. Years playing polo  
6. Home Polo Club (if any)  
7. How many horses do your currently own?  
8. How many days would you like to stay in Argentina?  
9. What month would you like to come?  
10. Do you want some polo lessons?  
11. Do you want to play some polo tournaments?  
12. How many other polo players will be with you?  
13. Do you want us to arrange tickets for Turtugas, Hurlingham or Palermo (Oct, Nov, Dec)?  
10. Would you like us to book a local Hotel for you?  
11. Would you like to rent a car here?  
12. Your flight details (if any)  
13. Do you want our help booking a flight to Cordoba?  
14. Do you want us to meet you at Cordoba Airport?  

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